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Kissing boys and (maybe) saving the world~☆

Melima's Collection

A dark retelling of a forgotten fairytale in a visual novel form
A psychological drama that will test your morals with a painful truth...
A supernatural thriller visual novel set in a small mining town called Moonlight, West Coast, 1860s New Zealand.
A romantic slice of fantasy, loosely tied to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
A boys' love visual novel about a supervillain and the spies that try to stop him.
the journey of a lady knight wannabe and her dragon friends
Amplitude is a story-centric visual novel, will you uncover the mystery or will you take more than you bargained for?
A pure romance story about purifying spirits.
A story about a cheerful girl and the town she froze.
Kissing boys and (maybe) saving the world~☆